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Thursday: Trade Deficit, Unemployment Claims


by Calculated Risk on 8/03/2022 09:17:00 PM

o At 8:30 AM ET, Trade Balance report for June from the Census Bureau. The consensus is the trade deficit to be $80.1 billion. The U.S. trade deficit was at $85.5 Billion the previous month.

o Also at 8:30 AM, The initial weekly unemployment claims report will be released. The consensus is for 265 thousand up from 256 thousand last week.

On COVID (focus on hospitalizations and deaths):

Hospitalizations have almost quadrupled from the lows in April 2022.

COVID MetricsNowWeekAgoGoalNew Cases per Day2119,034126,812<=5,0001Hospitalized237,13237,286<=3,0001Deaths per Day2387396<=5011my goals to stop daily posts,27-day average for Cases, Currently Hospitalized, and Deaths? Increasing 7-day average week-over-week for Cases, Hospitalized, and Deaths
? Goal met.

Click on graph for larger image.

This graph shows the daily (columns) and 7-day average (line) of deaths reported.

Average daily deaths bottomed in July 2021 at 214 per day.

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